The Impact of Climate Change

We are finding, coaching and training public media’s next generation. This NPR NextGenRadio project is created in Denver, Colorado, where five talented reporters are participating in a week-long state-of-the-art training program. In this project we are highlighting the experiences of people whose lives are being affected by climate change.

Wildfires and Drought

Wildfires and droughts have forced landscaper John Buccos to adapt the way he and his staff work. From intense working hours, to rethinking installations, Buccos has been working towards sustainability and combating climate change within the landscaping industry.
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Migrant Workers Face the Effects of Climate Change

Sister Nancy Crafton runs El Centro De Los Pobres to provide resources, care, and medical treatment for hundreds pf migrant workers seeking support. In Avondale, Colorado, the summer heat is excruciatingly intense for those working crops in the fields, and climate change has only made things worse.
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When the Tap Runs Dry

Farmer and maltser Todd Olander wants people to know the turmoil he’s faced as mountain snowpack and weather patterns become less reliable resources to grow his barley that eventually becomes malt for beer. Through restorative agriculture, Olander hopes he can weather the effects of a changing climate and set an example for farmers across northern Colorado.
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Donkeys and Drought

Hobby farmer Karen Kaehler is concerned how climate change impacts her donkeys and horses. Having enough grass to graze is just one of many issues climate change presents on her farm. As drought persists and temperatures rise, she considers the rising costs of hay and water consumption, and worries about the future of her four-legged family.
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'You Can Feel it and See That It's Changing'

Organic farmer Andre Houssney tells us how he’s experienced climate change first-hand through extreme changes between rain and drought that have already caused the loss of crops. The local food supply chain may be even more threatened in future years.
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